$125,000 Dumbbells by Kristof Hock

Posted: Oct 08 2014

German designer Kristof Hock is the founder and creator of the high-end, handmade fitness equipment company, Hock.  His sweaty accompaniments to the gym have been serving a specific tax bracket (note: the top 1%) for some time with a collection of ultra-luxe gear that boasts a $200 jump rope and $1,000 dumbbells.

Now, adding to the unattainability of these products, Hock now sells a pair of solid gold dumbbells called Goldlofts that are literally in a class of their own: the company is only making 50 sets and selling them at a measly $125,000. Talk about #veryrare. 

“Kristof Hock has been developing the Goldlofts for the past three years,” says U.S. distributor Tracy Smith. “The idea was to have the highest pleasure in the world—to lift weights made from solid gold, as gold is one of the heaviest, but also the most expensive of metals.”

For the rest of us who can't sweat hundred dollar bills, you can test Hock's equipment at Guerlain Spa (located at the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria New York). You can use weights and jump ropes made of grade 303 Stainless steel, sustainable wood and fine-quality leather—just like the rest of Hock’s products. 

As far as the Goldlofts go, you can ogle at the pictures.

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