China's Smog Couture

Posted: Oct 29 2014

China has been suffering from a national smog problem for several years, with the worst affected areas being Beijing and with severe episodes also affecting the municipalities of Shanghai and Tianjin throughout 2013.

China’s smog problem has infiltrated haute couture. One fashion designer has embraced the ongoing problems with pollution, incorporating the need for face masks into their Spring/Summer 2015 sportswear collection.

Yin Peng’s collection was paraded at China Fashion Week, currently being held in Beijing, with models parading down the catwalk wearing face masks. The masks varied from full-face cover, as with a fencing mask, to angular lightweight mouth-covering designs to compliment running gear.

In February last year, Japan was subjected to clouds of suffocating smog wafting over from China, just one month after Beijing air pollution reached beyond the permissible levels of pollution on the local environmental center’s scale.

The same month, a half-naked participant was seen jogging in the “Guangzhu (naked) Run”, carrying along with him an enormous gas mask – which may even have served as inspiration for the collection.

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