Colette gym: VOGA x BONVIRAGE Giveaway

Posted: Nov 10 2014

Inhabitants of the famed 213 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris are staying fit through the winter with Colette Gym's monthly collaboration with VOGA: a dynamic mix of 80′s voguing and synchronized yoga that combines the breath-synchronized movement of Yoga with the expressive moves of a dance class.

It’s for everyone – all ages, all skills, all fitness levels – offering you the chance to workout in your most stylish outfit while bringing nightlife cool into the realm of sweat and lycra.

They are hosting at an event on Monday, November 17, 5pm at the V.I.P. Room. The party will be a sweat session hosted by Vita Coco and have a free VOGA class, with a chance to win a pair of slick BONVIRAGE leggings! 

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