Color War: Shapeshifting

Posted: Dec 09 2014

Manhattan's a stage for three tweens from American Ballet Theater

The tween dance-off comes courtesy of director Crystal Moselle who captured the girls in “Shapeshifting,” the new music video for Lindsay Mound and Justin William Lin’s New York-based synth-pop duo, Color War. Moselle followed the girls—all of whom were attending New York's American Ballet Theater Summer Intensive Program—for a single after-school session.

“We were really vibing on a coming-of-age story; a very precious moment that could be expressed through these young girls who seemed to be at various stages of adolescence,” Mound says, working with stylist Julie Brooke Williams. “I had one of the ballerinas wear a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt that I’ve had since I was 13. I got it at my first concert and thought it would be cool to see it on a teenager from another generation.” 

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