• Google’s Self-Driving Car Hits Roads Next Month

    Tuesday Dec 23 2014

    Google announced it's taken another step toward solving all of our traffic problems, showing off the first "real build" of its concept for the self-driving car. In roughly the decade since...

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  • MoMa Aquires 3-D Printed Dress

    Wednesday Dec 17 2014

    Created by design studio Nervous System using the 4D printing system, Kinematics, and printed in New York City by Shapeways, the lightweight, custom-fit garment joins the permanent collection alongside the five DIY "humble masterpieces," purchased...

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  • Apple Pay Has Arrived

    Wednesday Oct 22 2014

    Apple's new payments system, Apple Pay, launched Monday. Essentially, with the new iPhones, a user holds their phone near a payment terminal, and the payment card they’ve set as a default...

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